Aptitude Test
1. 1. Would you be interested in shaping students?
2. 2. Are you good at coding?
3. 3. Do you play with numbers and relate it with daily life?
4. 4. Are you health conscious person?
5. 5. Can you answer quickly [45 x (2789 / 62) + (1.585 - 0.794) - 27] without using calculator?
6. 6. Do you feel relax when nature and people are around you?
7. 7. Do you prefer to work with many people than working alone?
8. 8. Do you feel happy while nurturing people?
9. 9. Do you want to start your own business?
10. 10. Do you always have innovative ideas?
11. 11. Would you like to make things pretty?
12. 12. Can you make machine think?
13. 13. Do you take correct stand instead supporting wrong things?
14. 14. Are you a book worm and wants to make others too?
15. 15. Are you a balanced thinking person?
16. 16. Can you communicate well in at least three languages including English?
17. 17. Do you prefer to solve the problems using digital technology?
18. 18. Do you have a designer view?
19. 19. Do you think you can influence people?
20. 20. Are you good in math and zeal to solve complex math questions?
21. 21. Would you like to make more money all the time?
22. 22. Do you want to cure health problems?
23. 23. Can you convince a person on evidences by debating?
24. 24. Do you think your expression speaks well than your speech?

  Test Result

Aptitude Test Result

Aptitude test result is based on the answers you have chosen while appearing the aptitude test.

The interest level indicates which career path you should opt for. Highest interest level/s are best suitable.

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