Samata Sainik Dal - SSD
I. Name and Organization :
(1) The name of the organization shall be ‘Samata Sainik Dal’
(2) The Samata Sainik Dal shall be affiliated to the All India Scheduled Castes Federation. The President of the Federation on the Executive Council of the Federation shall appoint a nominee of the Federation to supervise the affairs of the Samata Sainik Dal in each town and in each Province shall work under the guidance of a Supervisor, so appointed.

II. Aims and Objects :
(1) The aim of the Samata Sainik Dal is to strive for the removal of all inequality based on race, religion, caste, sex or class and to unite all members of the Scheduled Caste Communities for a struggle to build a society based on the freedom and equality of all.
(2) To achieve this aim:
1. The Samata Sainik Dal shall unite and organize the scheduled Caste youths under its banner.
2. The Samata Sainik Dal shall promote all social, cultural and other activities among the Scheduled Castes particularly among the youth so as to cultivate self-respect, self-reliance and a spirit of self-sacrifice in their minds.
3. The Samata Sainik Dal shall co-operate, with all such organizations and movements that help to further its aims and objects.

III. Membership :
Any person belonging to the Scheduled Castes above the age of 18 who agrees with the above aims and objects can join the Samata Sainik Dal on payment of yearly subscription of twelve annas.

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